2011 Events & News

Series of events in Berlin, January 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/events-Berlin;

International Conference "Data Flow From Space to Earth", March 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/Data_Flow_Sapce_Earth_Venice;

Conference on "Multiannual Financial Framework Perspective and Space", June 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/MFF_conference;

High-level Workshop on "Danube Strategy and Space Technologies", June 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/Danube_Strategy_WS;

Workshop on "Social Cohesion, Security & Resource Efficiency Through Satellite Services", October 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/WS_OpenDays2011

European Seminar on "Technologies from Space Exploration", October 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/Turin_Seminar;

NEREUS workshop and networking event, November 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/NEREUS_WS

General Assembly, November 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/2011_GA

4th Space conference on EU Space Policy, November 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/4th_Space_conference

NEREUS Space Exhibition and opening event, November 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/Space_Exhibition

DORIS_Net brokerage event, November 2011 http://www.nereus-regions.eu/DORIS_Net_Brokerage

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