ESA-funded collaborations

With respect to a number of projects in which NEREUS members are collaborating, the NEREUS Secretariat acts as the coordinating interface and support structure for the members involved.

Current projects

New NEREUS-ESA joint initiative titled “Improving Copernicus take-up among Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs) via dedicated thematic workshops”


NEREUS' advisory role in the ESA initiative “Copernicus (formerly) GMES Application Factsheets and Animations: Data Processing and Production”

Past projects:

In 2012 NEREUS collaborated with ESA-ESRIN in a joint publication "The growing Use of GMES across Europe's Regions". The publication, launched on 10 Ocotber 2012 with a festive ceremony at the European Parliament, is meant to be a reference book for policy makers to understand the social and economic benefits derived from the use of GMES in Europe. The publication collects 67 descriptive GMES case studies from 47 regionally entities from 17 different European Countries.

In 2009/2010 NEREUS was involved in the PEGASE project.